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Whether you are looking for substantive feedback on your manuscript to guide your revisions or you need your manuscript edited for coherence and correctness, I can help. 

Below are descriptions of the editorial services I provide. In order for me to develop a price quote for your project, please contact me with a brief overview of your book and the editorial service you would like. 

Proofreading checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This is typically the final polish before publication. 



Like proofreading, a copyedit checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Copyediting also includes correcting syntax, usage, and style to improve clarity, flow, and consistency. I typically follow Chicago Manual of Style, though I'm well versed in the APA and MLA style guides and can adapt to any house style guide. The copyedit can be light, medium, or heavy, depending on your needs. Copyedits are made using MS Word track changes and I also create a style sheet for each project.



Developmental editing isn't focused on correcting mechanical errors, but rather critiquing argument, organization, clarity, and writing style. For the developmental edit, I'll provide a written editorial critique (4–6 pages) that will detail revision suggestions. I will also annotate the manuscript using MS Word comments and track changes to point out recurring issues (e.g., repetitious word usage, awkward passages, extraneous content) and to pose queries when a passage requires more information or rewriting for clarity. A heavy developmental edit may also include moving sections of the text to improve argument and flow and rewriting of passages to model revision. The level and scope of the developmental edit is based on the author's needs and will be discussed as part of determining the price quote. 

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